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At Bike Edmonton, we stretch dollars.

We scavenge, we repair, and our volunteers make old, discarded things beautiful again.

We teach the community how to do the same.

But we need to invest in the tools and space to create the best environment for that to happen.

Did you know a donation of just $50 covers our entire monthly digital communications costs?

$175 covers half a year’s worth of food for participants of The Spoke, our youth earn-a-bike program.

If you love the help you’ve received from our volunteers, you can feed all of them for $500.

Or you can donate $10 and double our monthly board development budget. (Yes that’s a bit embarrassing.)

Whatever you can afford is the right amount, and we’ll make it worthwhile.

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Perks of Membership

Want to support us and get something tangible in return? A significant portion of our budget comes through membership purchases. It’s one of the best ways to support us, as it provides stable, predictable funding, while also amplifying your voice and ours as we advocate for a better, more livable city. Join us today or renew your membership and you’ll also receive discounts at many supportive local businesses in Edmonton.


Donations of Bikes and Parts

You can donate bicycles, bike parts, tires, and accessories to either of our volunteer-run community bike workshops. We rely on donations to provide our services (getting more people riding bikes!), and the proceeds from bike sales keeps our lights on.

Drop off donations at either location during our public operating hours.

Donations should generally be in good, near-complete condition (or, if incomplete, then high-quality). Old bikes are fine: we regularly work with bikes 40+ years old. We are unfortunately not able to pick up donations. We reserve the right (at the volunteers’ discretion) to turn away donations. If you’re not sure if your donation will be acceptable, please e-mail us a photo at or text it to 780-433-2453.

Please do not dump donations next to our property outside of operating hours, as this causes problems for our neighbours and encourages theft.


Youth bikes and small adult bikes dropped off at either location. Youth bikes at our North Community Workshop will often be directed to The Spoke, our youth earn-a-bike program. Children’s bikes are sold for $10 each, and we ensure accessibility for all families in need. Youth and childrens’ bikes can also be donated to Sports Central.

Please note that we do not:

  • have a pick-up service for donations

  • have the ability to offer tax deductible receipts for donated bicycles or parts

  • pay money for donations

  • trade or barter goods, services, or discounts in return for donations

Bikes that are in good working order will be checked by volunteers and adjusted as needed before being re-sold at affordable prices. Used parts and tires that are in good condition will be reused.